Summer Camp East 2009 Program

Getting to Know You: New Games / Connecting – Friday, July 10

Let's find out who's here and what we have to offer each other! We’ll spend much of the time moving around, meeting new folks and deepening existing relationships. Participants can ask questions of the group and get quick, direct feedback on issues they care about. We'll also have time to go deeper in several one-on-one connections. This is a quick, fun, easy way to meet lots of people and to get a sense of the diversity of the group.

Opening Circle / Orientation – Saturday, July 11

We welcome each other into the camp community and go over the nuts-and-bolts of camp culture and logistics.

ZEGG Forum – daily

The Forum is a group process developed at the German community ZEGG to provide a stage for whatever is happening inside the person: one's true motivations, deep feelings, ideas and emotions. The Forum helps facilitate transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life, and it can be a catalyst for one's own personal growth.

Boundaries: Speaking Truth, Meeting Needs, Releasing Attachments – Saturday, July 11

We have been programmed to be reasonable. Since we were babies we have been taking in information about how others will receive us, and how we must behave in order to get what we want. Come discover what is possible when we take off the straight jacket and find out who we really are with one another. Learn how to ask for 100% of what you want, not so that you can get it, but so that you can be known. Learn how to deliver a “no”, not as a personal rejection, but as a gift resulting in greater intimacy. Find out where the “yes” is with anyone and discover what is possible in each moment.

Chad Doberstein is a life coach and workshop leader based out of Philadelphia. He leads Sacred Sexuality retreats, as well as various communication and self-realization workshops throughout the year. He is a self-proclaimed egalitarian, iconoclast, and radical. He brings curiosity and a thirst for understanding, encouraging others to discover for themselves whatever is true. He characterizes what he does as "party games for enlightenment". With precision, delicacy, and great empathy he holds up a mirror to reflect a clear, deep understand of self. He has an undying love for and fascination with games, game design, and people of all different sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Heart of Now Triad Work - Saturday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 15


The essence of the Heart of Now is the practice of being present with your whole self: your emotions, your thoughts, your body, and the place in yourself that is connected to everyone and everything. When you are present with yourself, you can be experience the people, situations and circumstances of your life with greater honesty and clarity. It is from this place that you can free yourself from the limitations that have held you back, and all possibilities are available to you--you are free to create your life as you want it to be.

Debby Sugarman has been working with the Heart of Now since 2001, and spent 4 years assisting the course. For the last year, she has been leading introductions to Heart of Now and organizing Heart of Now workshops in the Washington, DC area.

Safer Sex Info – Saturday, July 11

As a sex-positive community, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves on how to keep ourselves safe while having fun.

New Culture Etiquette – Saturday, July 11

In our transparent New Culture, we share our needs and expectations openly. Through skits and discussion, long-time campers will give us some tips on situations that we may not have experienced before.

Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa Yoga (all levels) - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 7 - 8:15 AM

Vinyasa means movement with breath. Prana yoga focuses on opening the body naturally, expressively, and with joy. In this yoga, we honor our life force by moving dynamically with our most sacred pulsation. In these sessions we will work with energetic alignment as well as physical alignment, and evolve within the sequences by moving through the energetic centers of the bodymind. We will also incorporate our connection to the world around us by using the 5 elements as a framework for our practice.

Please bring a mat if you have one, or a towel to lie on during the floor portions of the class. Wear loose, comfy clothing, bring some water, and come prepared to honor your body! Previous experience is useful, but not necessary.

Caroline MorningStar has been studying yoga for six years and teaching for four. She believes in a whole approach to yoga to empower, balance, and strengthen her students. She has studied many different types of yoga, including Bikram, Ashtanga, and Kripalu, in addition to Prana Flow. She is in the process of completing her teaching certification with yoga pioneer Shiva Rea. She also studies bellydance, herbalism, and meditation. Caroline lives with her partners at Twin Oaks Community, where she teaches yoga, gardens, plays with kids, and organizes community events.

Going Deep - SORTTing It Out - Sunday, July 12


Ever get triggered? Not you, right? Did you know there's a way to metabolize emotional charge, fear, jealousy, pain, and irritation to reveal relief, opening, clarity, love and Divine power in as little as 3 breaths? What underlying core values and yearnings are your emotions trying to reveal? We'll use the 5-step SORTT process on real issues to go deep fast and transform pain to release, relief, win-win action and resolution.

Growth, change, transformation - evolution! Founder of TIA - The Integrated Approach (tm) and, published author, trainer, and cutting-edge coach Gail Taylor brings more than 20 years' personal practice, professional experience, love and lightness to help you achieve unparalleled results. Gail's tested and proven TIA (pronounced "TEE-ah") resources integrate best practices for the mind, body, spirit, heart, gut, action, and environment to produce lightning-fast, lasting results.

Gender Circles – Sunday, July 12 and Friday, July 17

We meet in single-gender groups to connect on issues of shared interest. Usually we have a men’s group, a women’s group, and a gender-fluid group; campers are welcome to propose other gender groups.

Family Groups – every other day

Campers will meet in small “family groups” of 5 to 7 people. Family groups provide: 1) an extra support structure for campers, 2) a mixing of new folks and returning campers, 3) a place to reflect on intentions for camp and how camp is proceeding, and 4) a smaller community that will explore the dynamics of doing real work (i.e., camp chores, also known as Karma Yoga) together. Groups will meet for check-ins approximately every other evening from 8:30 to 9 PM, at the Dome (our main meeting area).

Radical Gender Theater – Sunday, July 12


Assumptions about gender frame our perceptions of reality. Who we are, what we portray, and how we are perceived are not often the same thing. Our work in queer theater not only challenges these assumptions, but it flips them on their head. Why is it so upsetting/unsettling for an audience to be unable to tell the birth gender of a performer? This workshop is an interactive and playful chance to look at gender in a new way; it is designed to reveal our own gendered assumptions and help us move beyond them. Please bring whatever evocative props and outrageous costume pieces you wish!

Axe To Ice Productions was created by Karin Webb and Jill Gibson, two cabaret-producing, gender-bending, clown-like character actors from Boston who have produced, performed, and collaborated with various companies (using many theatrical styles) across the country for over 10 years. The company seeks to create, support, and produce art that causes an audience to question and to think, to be struck in the moment, and to bring their experiences into action in their own communities. For more information please visit: or check out their troupe All The Kings Men at

Human Awareness Institute Workshop – Monday, July 13


Come explore the balance in your own humanity through interactive exercises, guided visualizations, and sharing with others. Love, Intimacy and Sexuality can be the hardest issues to deal with in a relationship. Human Awareness Institute workshops offer the skills that help you deal with these sensitive topics in your relationships. It will help you define what love, intimacy and sexuality mean to you, and in turn, how that affects the other areas of your life. It promises to be fun, heartfelt, and informative! Presented by Ben Farris from East Coast HAI; more info at .

Exploring Our Differences – Monday, July 13


Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? In this high-energy, interactive evening, we’ll find out more about the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of everyone in our beloved community. Participants can ask questions of the group and get quick, direct feedback on issues they care about. We'll also have time to go deeper in one-on-one connections, where we'll get to choose partners whose responses intrigued us.

Sarah Taub lives at Chrysalis Community in Arlington, VA; she has been studying human dynamics for years, through aikido, co-counseling, group facilitation, and cognitive linguistics. She left her safe Ivory Tower job to dive into social and political activism. Her current koan: only when you let go of urgency can you be truly effective. Website:

Radical Honesty – Tuesday, July 14

sce2009radicalhonestybradblantonRadical Honesty is a kind of communication that is direct, complete, open and expressive. Radical Honesty means you tell the people in your life what you've done or plan to do, what you think, and what you feel. It's the kind of authentic sharing that creates the possibility of love and intimacy. The practice of Radical Honesty is based on the concept that the best way to reduce stress, make life work, and heal the past is to tell the truth. People who practice Radical Honesty have healthy, free, powerful and joyful lives. Lying and protecting your image takes a heavy toll on your health and relationships. Telling the truth is less destructive than lying. One key to telling the truth is knowing what you are actually experiencing: this workshop will teach you to rely on noticing, rather than thinking, as the basis for getting grounded in your experience and creating real intimacy.

Brad Blanton (born September 4, 1940) is an author, seminar leader, and 2004 and 2006 candidate for United States House of Representatives. He was trained in Gestalt Therapy by Fritz Perls, M.D., Ph.D., the founder of Gestalt Therapy. He was trained in hypnosis by Milton Erickson, M.D., the founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association. His first book, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth, became a nation-wide bestseller in 1996 and has been translated into nine languages. That success was followed by books that applied the principles of Radical Honesty to personal growth, social transformation and parenting. Dr. Blanton earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in 1966 when he was 25 years old. He spent 25 years in the private practice of psychotherapy, becoming the Director of The Center for Well Being in Washington, D.C., where he worked with individuals, couples, and groups. He also served as a consultant to corporations, government and the media. In 1990 he moved to central Virginia and founded Radical Honesty Enterprises, a private corporation dedicated to promoting honesty in the world and The Center for Radical Honesty, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the same cause. Politically active from his days in the civil rights movement to the present, Dr. Blanton ran as an Independent against Eric Cantor in 2004 election for the United States Congress in Virginia's Seventh Congressional District. In that race, he earned 24% of the vote. Brad Blanton now lives in Stanley, Virginia, where he spends his time writing, farming, community organizing and conducting seminars in Radical Honesty. Website:

Auction – Tuesday, July 14

Expect to be amused and surprised by the variety of unusual items and services donated by fellow campers for bidding. Previous auctions have included such offerings as "1000 kisses" and "a morning serenade." Auction proceeds help to provide scholarships and improve future camps.

Sexuality Out of Balance: Community, Acceptance, and Boundaries – Wednesday, July 15


The purpose of this workshop is to use the presenter’s experience working with sex-offenders and victims of assault to address issues that affect all of us. By looking at the myths and realities of a group that has often been demonized in our society we can gain a new perspective on our own lives. There will be some practical advice about how to deal with this issue, including how to heal over past hurts in this area. The goal is to create a safe environment to discuss what can be challenging issues, and to empower the participants through knowledge and new perspectives.

Paul Emmet is currently teaching sex-offenders skills to avoid re-offending and to make positive changes in their lives. He taught full impact self defense classes with a focus on emotional healing for ten years, and in this process worked with victims of violence. He is a third degree black belt in Aikido and has had 10 years of experience with peer-counseling. Paul has a broad view of the world and sees change occurring through a combination of personal work, community work, and political work. He has attended six Summer Camps and he sees Summer Camp as a powerful tool for this change.

Divine Breath: The Power of the Inner Marriage – Thursday, July 16


Throughout the centuries, ancient Indian mystics have explored the power of the feminine and masculine energies, of Shakti and Shiva, of the inner marriage. The teachings that open us to these energies include breath, meditation and experimenting with others. As without, so within. When we learn the outer dance with the masculine and feminine, our inner dialogue between these energies can open with grace and ease. When we explore the inner marriage, our outer encounters with our lovers can explode in exciting and juicy ways. Unlocking these teachings can take lifetimes, but touching into the divine breath can happen in a short time. In this day long course, we will be using movement, breath work, meditation and erotic exploration to take us into the power of the inner marriage. Website:

Vyana Bergen is an ordained UCC minister and experienced therapist. She recently completed a three year Tantra Teacher Training course with Dr. Rudy Ballentine. She leads retreats and trainings at Shalom Mountain where she has lived since 1998. She has a private practice in individual counseling and tantric consultation. She is passionate about releasing life force energy for the healing of the planet.

Cristian Graca is a man with great cultural diversity. Born and raised in South America, he has lived in five countries and is fluent in three languages. He is a Shalom process leader; body worker and Sacred Intimate. He has extensive training in group and individual process, bringing mind and body to sacred union. He is passionate about his journey and wants to call others to theirs; calling people to be fully awake. His goals are to accept his fears and self-criticisms with love and humor and to stand and invite others into their own truth and erotic glory.

Fire Circle – Thursday, July 16

Drum and dance around a roaring bonfire!

New Culture and Racism – Friday, July 17


Enoch Page is a spiritual activist and professor of anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In his own words: "I am a seeker of truth in pursuit of personal and global liberation through my own spiritual practice and through my work as an anthropologist. The bulk of my research is on racial politics, but another key research stream of mine is in spiritual activism, or applied spirituality. My favorite hobby is talking to people who seek to deepen their knowledge about racism and about keys to liberation." His insights regarding the ways that sex, gender, race, and class position people differentially in the social orders that they find themselves in has led him to what he calls 'Antiracist Spiritual Anthropology.' He sees it as dedicated to fostering social change through an understanding and pursuit of what may best be understood as 'higher consciousness.' Website:

Sensual Feast / Dance Party – Friday, July 17

Imagine a table loaded with succulent fruits, candies, and nuts; in the center are large bowls of chocolate sauce and whipped cream for dipping. But there's a catch - the one rule is that you may not feed yourself! Serving, and being served, are the watchwords of this event. The result is a delicious combination of sensory input: music, movement, people, touch, and yummy treats.

Open Sessions – Saturday, July 18

Join in as the entire camp self-organizes for concurrent events, inspired by your own passions and interests. Open Sessions are an opportunity for campers to convene dialogue groups on topics they've been wanting to explore, or create group massages, or do a music jam together. Participants are free to move from session to session, honoring their instincts and natural enthusiasm.

Cabaret – Saturday, July 18

Come one, come all, and show us more about you! No talent is required – “if you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing!”

Closing Circle – Sunday, July 19

Honoring the experience of the past ten days, we will connect, reflect, and bid farewell to this incarnation of our community.

Lighter Side - as the mood strikes us!

Participants create and perform skits to illustrate humorous events that they have observed or experienced at camp.

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