2017 Presenters

Confirmed presenters so far, we may still add more so be sure to check back.

 Annie Hopson is by nature a permissionary, a guide and purveyor of possibility. Inspired by all that is love and connection, she seeks to model power, passion and personal agency as she holds space for her own teenagers as well as others in her charge.  The magic she weaves includes many forms of touch, multidimensional energy, empowerment, problem solving, and community consciousness. Mental, spiritual and energetic gymnastics are key. Annie’s roots go deep, to Scandinavian villages where her maternal grandmother was known to have Second Sight.  Annie has an eighteen-year formal teaching background and has been fascinated by psychoneuroimmunology since attending massage school in 1994. Words and beliefs are powerful. She has a physics degree, and is a master healer via New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation, using Shamballa, the energy of love with no conditions. Annie is also a trained hypnotist and a well versed massage therapist, specializing in a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques that are centered around non-invasive, holistic methodologies.  You can reach her at or check out her website,

Bill Olsen has a passion for the adventure of life, itself.  As a globally-ranked Certified Professional ‘group-process’ Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach, he’s supported 200+ organizations to accelerate performance in the work room, the class room, and the Board Room.  Oh yeah, he makes it fun, believing that fun & creativity belong in all those rooms.  His occupassion is to also expand this to the bedroom, the play room & the family room.  Even for individuals, he focuses on Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Change Management, Whole Brain Thinking, Different Results, Positive Power, your personal Strategic Plan & more.  His mission is clear… To accelerate yours.

 Dawson Driver is a psychology undergrad at Frostburg State University. They are working towards a career in counseling with LGBTQ youth. They started coming to new culture events in early 2016 and are now aspiring to be a bigger part of organizing and facilitating events. They are part of a YouTube collaboration channel called The Nonbinary Network that produces videos to tackle issues and topics for Trans* youth.  They live in western Maryland with their dad and brother. They enjoy the forests in the area and crafting personalized gifts for their friends.

 Indigo Dawn is a being of light and love, with a passion for deep connection and movement.  An intuitive mover since the age of 6, she has trained in contact improvisation, West African, Middle-Eastern, classical Indian, swing, salsa, contemporary, and modern dance styles.  After working to combat educational inequality with Teach for America, she left the corps to pursue societal change via individual transformation.  As a changemaker, Indigo seeks to improve the lives of others by spreading authenticity, awareness, and self-expression.

program_clip_image003Michael Rios is an entrepreneur and practical visionary with a creative genius for freedom and empowerment; as some have said, “Michael doesn’t have a box to think outside of.” In 1964, he founded a commune based on service, spirituality, and sensuality that lasted 30 years and (among other projects) provided emergency shelter and support services for homeless people and troubled young adults. In addition, he started one of the first domestic violence hotlines in the USA in 1971, and one of the first computer business in the DC area in 1976. Michael co-founded and lives at Chrysalis, a small urban intentional community in Arlington, VA, whose mission is to support activists and healers ( Since 2004, he has been a major organizer of Network for a New Culture’s East Coast Summer Camp ( and other events aimed at creating a culture based on awareness, compassion, and freedom rather than on fear and judgment. In 2011, Michael became the director of Abrams Creek Center (, a retreat center in the mountains of West Virginia. His current passion is creating an “intentional village” there and in the nearby town – a place where people live consciously with and near one another, building a life based on personal enterprise and freedom, economic independence, and a web of social interconnectedness (

program_clip_image001Sarah Taub, Ph.D., is a cultural activist whose passion is creating events where people transform. She teaches the skills of peaceful, sustainable community – self-awareness, honesty, clear boundaries – and facilitates group processes of many sorts, including consensus decision-making, business meetings and retreats, ZEGG Forum (, and conflict resolution sessions. Sarah co-founded the first cohousing community in Washington, DC, and for the past 10 years has lived at Chrysalis, a small urban intentional community in Arlington, VA whose mission is to support activists and healers ( Since 2004, she has been a major organizer of Network for a New Culture’s East Coast Summer Camp ( and other events aimed at creating a culture based on awareness, compassion, and freedom rather than on fear and judgment. In 2006, she left her tenured professorship in Cognitive Linguistics at Gallaudet University to focus full-time on events, community-building, and cultural change. Since 2011, she has been the financial and programs manager for Abrams Creek Center(, a retreat center and community in the mountains of West Virginia. Sarah’s current koan: only when you let go of urgency can you be truly effective.