Update 12/24/21:  We are FULL and registration is CLOSED!  Thank you for your interest – if you want to get on a waiting list, email

The all-inclusive price covers all workshops, events, campsite and/or bunk, and ALL MEALS shown on the schedule.

Cost: $345-595 sliding scale

Any money received above and beyond our basic cost will go towards a scholarship fund for lower income individuals and the improvement of this and future Camps. We ask you to pay as high on the scale as you can reasonably afford.


Want to come, but on a tight budget?  We have a limited number of opportunities for scholarship and work-trade. If you would like to request assistance fill out THIS application form.
[All applications for scholarship & work-trade are due by December 15th.]

Campsite and bunkbed fees are included.  Be sure to request a bunk if you are not an experienced winter camper! Other indoor accommodations are available for an additional fee.

Q: I see that there is a sliding scale for camp. What should I pay?
A: We encourage you to pay as much for camp as you feel comfortable paying. Even the high end of the sliding scale is an excellent price for 5 days of meals and high-quality workshops.  Every bit of the money received goes toward making camp and other New Culture events happen, including providing scholarships for campers with financial need. Bottom line, we want you to feel good about the amount you contribute. We do have worksheets available to help think about this issue, if you would like!

Q: I would like to contribute additional money to camp. Is it tax-deductible?
A: Yes. Camp is run by the Center for a New Culture, a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. If you would like to contribute to CFNC, please get in touch with us at info @!

Q: I can’t afford the low end of the sliding scale – is there scholarship or work exchange available?
A: Yes. We are committed to making camp financially accessible, and we have scholarship funds available. Work exchange is available before and after camp – the work is usually done in the Washington DC area, at our campground in West Virginia, and can sometimes be done in your home area as well. We are also open to barter arrangements. Please get in touch with us – if you want to be there, we want you to be there!