Scholarship/Work Trade

We want to offer the opportunity for as many people as possible to attend New Culture Summer Camp East.  For those in financial need, we can make work trade and/or scholarship arrangements. Most work trade is available before pre-camp and after post-camp – the work is usually done in the Washington DC area or at our site in West Virginia, and can sometimes be done in your home area as well. We are also open to barter arrangements. Please get in touch with us – if you want to be there, we want you there!  Let’s figure out what works for you!

The deadline for reduced cost applications is June 31st.

Please register HERE then fill out the below application and email to to request financial assistance. We look forward to seeing you.


Phone Number:

Email Address:

What day do you want to arrive?

Do you need indoor accommodations, and if so, what type(s)?

How much can you afford to pay?  If you aren’t sure, give us a range—“at least $X, and possibly as much as $Y”

Anything else we should know about your situation?

Are you available for work-trade at some time before the event?  This is not necessarily *right* before the event, but could be then or at any earlier time.

Do you have any special needs?

Briefly list your strongest skills.

Thanks for your interest in New Culture Summer Camp, and we will get back to you shortly.

Remember to register as well HERE.

Send us an email: !