Group Discount

Request a Group Discount Code for
Winter Poly Wonderland

Group discounts start at 4 or more people!

Save money for yourself and 3 or more of your friends, get a discount for your whole poly tribe, and help us spread the word about Winter Poly Wonderland!  If you request a group discount code and others register using that code, they will receive a $25 credit and you will receive a $10 credit for each person who uses your code.

Here’s how it works: 
As group organizer, you register for camp and pay the full current price for your registration.  To register, fill out the registration form.   After registering, you request a Group Discount Code by filling out the following information and emailing it to with the subject “WPW Group Discount Code Request.”

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number:
  • Zip Code:

And we email you a discount code.

You give the code to your network of friends.   If at least 3 others register using that code, they will receive a $25 credit, and you will receive a $10 credit for each person who uses your code.  When camp is over, you and your friends will all get a refund for your credits.

Please note: As an organizer, if you only recruit one or two other people, no discount will accrue.  If you recruit 3 or more, you will get $10 per person that you recruit.  So if, for instance, you recruit 4 other people, they will each get a $25 credit, and you will get a $40 credit!

If you have already registered using a group discount code, and now would like to organize a group of four or more of your own, and get credits for bringing these additional people to this event, please contact us at  We will issue you your own group discount code.  Your original group organizer will still get a $10 credit for your registration, *and* you will get a $10 credit for each person who registers under your discount code, under the same arrangement as above.  You must get 3 or more additional people in order for any of you to get these additional credits. So if you get three or more other people in your group, you will receive a $10 credit for each recruit *instead of* the $25 credit.  If you can’t get 3 or more other people, you will still get the $25 discount for signing up under your original group’s discount code.