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 August 16-21, 2019                                January 25-28, 2019
New to polyamory?
A poly pro, but open to new connections?
Poly-saturated, but wonder where your tribe is?
Want to take your relationships to a new level?

Polyamory For All Seasons offers unique, intimate retreats where we gather for up to six days, and live, work, eat, play and learn together with some of the most experienced poly educators in the country. Connect to your “tribe”, breathe into a world of acceptance, dance with the energy of abundant love, and gain effective tools to improve your relationships and strengthen your own personal power.  These are not just parties or conferences, but immersive experiences of what an all-poly world can be!  The connections you make here often go on long after the events are over.

Ready to take your life and relationships to a new level?

Join us at one of the events above, and step into a world of intimacy and delight!

Polyamory for All Seasons is a project of the Center For a New Culture, a tax-exempt nonprofit that holds events and seminars to explore love, freedom, and the power of community.  For more information on CFNC, including CFNC‘s other events, visit www.cfnc.us.  For more information on the broader New Culture movement, visit www.new-culture.org.

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