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Let’s find out who’s here and what we have to offer each other! We’ll spend much of the time moving around, meeting new folks and deepening existing relationships. Here we will learn about each other, camp, and the land we will share for the coming week. Participants can engage with the group and get quick, direct feedback on issues they care about. We’ll also have time to go deeper in one-on-one connections. This is a quick, fun, easy way to lay the groundwork for our time together, get a sense of the group and the facilities, and get to know each other!

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SNUGGLE PARTY with Indigo Dawn

Together, we will open up a playground to explore consensual, platonic touch in community.  Nurturing touch has been shown to release compounds (i.e. oxytocin) which help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, and contribute to feelings of connection and emotional well-being. No one is required to touch another person in this workshop; you’re welcome to talk, cuddle, read a book, or observe– observation is full participation.

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Every morning at 9:00 AM we’ll gather with our own unique “Connection Pod,”– a small, intimate group  in which we have opportunity to share what’s going for us and hear what’s alive for others.   Then, we will gather in the whole group at 9:30 AM, for appreciations, announcements, and connection.


Mmm, that glorious moment when we are giving exactly what our partner wants to be receiving! Sometimes we find that “sweet spot” spontaneously—but more often, we find it through clear communication and feedback.  How many of us say “yes” to things we don’t actually want out of guilt or a fear of losing connection?  In many ways, “no” is the most daring and intimate response possible – if I can hear your “no”, I can trust your “yes.”  Let’s practice finding that sweet spot of mutual “yes” —through a series of juicy experiential exercises we’ll offer and/or request touch, negotiate the touch we want, and give verbal and nonverbal feedback on the touch we receive.  This practice will serve us well in both sensual and non-sensual contexts, helping us find the space of mutually desired connection that is available with each person.


Ever wonder how to be comfortable with deepening intimacy while enjoying more mindful sex, or how to build trust and acceptance in relationships? This presentation is for those seeking more understanding and practical guidelines around sex positivity, living an authentic life, all while gaining a deeper self-awareness. This is an interactive workshop for those that want to dive right in!

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Up-to-date scientifically and medically sound information on how to manage health issues for anyone who has multiple sexual partners–including how we can have *safe* sex, not just “safer” sex. We cover specific techniques, brands, and concepts that allow responsible sex without damaging pleasure or intimacy.

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Connecting with another can be a co-creative, synergistic, and downright delicious experience, if both you and the other person are a “YES!”  Sharing explicit, verbal boundaries helps minimize confusion and suffering, maximize clarity and joy, and cultivate sustainable intimacy. In this experiential workshop, we will practice sharing explicit, verbal touch boundaries and agreements.  We’ll explore giving and receiving on-going consent in connection. And finally, we will cover some important communication pitfalls, and ways to identify when we are mis-communicating, mis-reading, or mis-sing the mark in connection!

Sensual Space – Open Saturday,  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Evenings

The Sensual Space is a place for structured and unstructured education and exploration of sensual and sexual issues.  This space is a resource for those who wish to make use of it; none of the core workshops will take place in the Sensual Space.  There will be an orientation for people interested in using the Sensual Space on Saturday evening.


The Sensual Space is a warm and inviting space to explore Connection & Intimacy by engaging all of the senses. This is a space to lounge together after spending the day learning communication and intimacy tools – the perfect place to practice communication and share affection in a relaxed and sex positive atmosphere.  We will give an introduction to the space and we will practice the “Safe Sex Elevator Speech.”

After the Playspace Orientation, those who wish will proceed to the Playspace for its official opening.  All are invited to explore the Playspace – the opening activities will be sensual but nonsexual, and the Playspace Team will create a clear transition when the space becomes open for sexual connection.


The Sensual Space  is a warm and inviting space to explore connection & intimacy by engaging all of the senses. This is a space to lounge together after spending the day learning communication and intimacy tools – the perfect place to practice communication and share affection in a relaxed and sex positive atmosphere.  Sarah will give an introduction to the space and we will practice the “Safe Sex Elevator Speech.”

After the Sensual Space Orientation, those who wish will proceed to the Space for its official opening.  All are invited to explore the Sensual Space – the opening activities will be sensual but nonsexual, and there will be a clear transition when the space becomes open for sexual connection.


We’ll be using the ZEGG Forum daily to bring out what’s under the surface in our community.  Forum ( was created at ZEGG, an intentional community in Germany, and its sister communities as a way of promoting transparency and mutual understanding among community members.  ZEGG members found that decision-making meetings often got derailed because of emotional conflicts and undercurrents that were not known to or understood by all.  In Forum, each individual’s experience could be seen and understood, leading to greater empathy and creativity in the community.  Now, many residential and non-residential intentional communities have adopted Forum as a way to maintain ongoing connection, intimacy and understanding.

The goal of Forum is to reveal what is alive but not known to all.  The community sits in a circle, forming a stage for one person at a time to stand and show what is true for them.  Facilitators may assist the person (or “presenter”) to reveal themselves more deeply.  Afterward, community members may offer reflections, or “mirrors,” on what they saw.

One of the gifts of ZEGG Forum is that it allows us a space to appreciate every perspective without taking it on as “truth.” Every voice has its own poignancy, its own wisdom, its own truth, that does not negate the wisdom and truth of other perspectives. Allowing all voices to surface and be known can lead to a profound and unexpected integration within a community. We tend to think that events leading to painful experiences and conflicts are bad, because they feel bad in the moment. However, when we open ourselves and compassionately witness what is happening for everyone, these experiences can be gateways to greater closeness, understanding, and love. When conflict emerges, whether or not we are in a formal Forum space, we can choose to listen in this way.  This deep listening sustains and nurtures community life and relationships.


Jealousy can have an enormous impact on some people, so it is no surprise that people (especially those who practice consensual non-monogamy) think, talk, and write about it quite a bit. Using techniques from her book, “Jealousy Survival Guide”, Kitty Chambliss gives you inspiration and provides tools to gain and practice new skills. This is a comprehensive workshop and step-by-step template for recognizing feelings of jealousy and insecurity as they come up using effective tools for sorting through those emotions, and when, if, and how to bring up challenging or potentially emotionally charged conversations with loved ones.


New to polyamory? Got questions? “Old hand” at polyamory? Got answers? Join us for this daily skillshare on the promises and perils of diving into ethical, loving non-monogamy! Poly Skill Share will explore many techniques for enhancing our abilities to have rich, satisfying, and durable relationships.

AUTHENTIC RELATING GAMES with Dawson Driver & Amy Curry

Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? In this high-energy, interactive workshop, we’ll find out more about the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of everyone present. We’ll explore curiosity and transparency as attitudes and practices that support healthy relationships, whether with lovers, friends, co-workers, or community members. We’ll have some short, fun exercises where people can try out sharing about themselves transparently and asking questions based on curiosity.  Our time together will develop our empathy, deepen our relationships, and help us connect as our most authentic selves.

POLYCULE ‘ORBITING’ PRACTICE with Tikva Wolf, Ian Gould, & CJ O’Reilly

In this workshop we’ll practice a form of group meditation and relating designed to deepen shared understanding and connection between individuals within the group context of our polycules. The practice is predominantly somatic and experiential but focuses on finding words to relate our experience to others and understand each other. The practice sets a clear container for safety through clear group agreements. It is a foundational practice which nourishes the roots of the polycule. This workshop is lead by the well-known author and comic artist Tikva Wolf, and the multitalented facilitators CJ O’Reilly and Dr. Ian Gould who are all polymours in a larger polycule. This class is open to single and solo poly folks as well as pre-existing polycules! You can practice these exercises with people you already know, or while making new friends!

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There lives inside of you an ever-burning flame; a noiseless song that your body sings. Have you ever stopped to listen? In this workshop, we will listen deeply to ourselves and others.  We will practice movement exercises to shed the labels and projections that separate us, so we can connect as our naked, authentic selves.  We will play, express, and connect through movement.  We will speak without words.


This playful hands-on group exercise is a powerful exploration of how you connect with everyone in your polycule and beyond, during which you can uncover some surprising discoveries about yourselves and each other! No artistic experience is necessary whatsoever, as we will not be making “art” as much as we will be getting in touch with the core of what you want to express with each other in a visual context. Using mark-making collaboratively, we will explore various aspects of connection. This workshop is lead by the well-known author and comic artist Tikva Wolf


Come one, come all to the Endless Poly Summer ’18 CABARET!!!!  Whether you’ve practiced your act a billion times or none, we want to spectate what you want to share!  Come share that secret (or obvious) talent,  that poem you wrote last year, that songs that brings you to tears, that ROFLMAO moment from earlier today, or whatever you’d like to share with our community!

Closing Circle –Wednesday morning

Honoring the experience of the past six days, we will connect, reflect, and bid farewell to this incarnation of our community.