New Culture Fall Camp

Future Dates TBD

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Re-Inventing Society: If you dream that it’s possible … join us in making it real!

  • Imagine a community of loving people who care about each other and the Earth.
  • Discover relationships that are both heartful and free.
  • Step into your own power to build a life that works.

Craving Authenticity? Community? Discovery? Come to New Culture Fall Camp to co-create a culture based on compassion, abundance, and freedom!

Step into your own power and learn skills to build a life that works: Co-creation, Relationships, Personal Growth, Work, Play, Spirituality, Sexuality, and so much more!

2020 Theme Coming Soon!!

2019 Theme: Co-Creation

This year’s workshops will be offered and chosen by campers, so YOU have the opportunity to create the camp of your dreams!

Workshops will be Open Sessions! The CFNC team will offer the basics: an event orientation, opening circle, ZEGG Forums, Connection Pods, Boundaries training, Sensual Space orientation, and a Love Ceremony. Other than that, the workshops and activities are up to you! Any and all participants have the chance to offer a workshop, and participants also get to choose which workshops happen at camp. Come co-create Fall Camp with us!

The Goals:
Making new connections. Deepening our existing relationships. Gaining relationship skills and personal empowerment techniques. Building our community that stays with us all year long. Many participants can expect to wind up connected with other participants on an ongoing basis, through e-lists, frequent gatherings, personal relationships, and joint projects.

$295-$495 – Fees are on a sliding scale. Any money received above and beyond our basic cost will go towards a scholarship fund for lower income individuals and the improvement of this and future Camps. We ask you to pay as high on the scale as you can reasonably afford.

There are scholarship funds available for those truly in need. If you want to be at camp, we want to have you here! Visit our scholarship and work-trade page HERE and follow the directions there to apply; we’ll work out a win/win.

The registration fee covers all workshops, events, campsite, and all meals shown on the schedule. Every all-natural meal will have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and non-dairy options, and we can accommodate most other special dietary needs as well.

Indoor accommodations available from $75 per person for the entire event.

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