What is Fall Camp?

New Culture Fall Camp isn’t quite like anything else.

– Build your chosen family! What is chosen family? Chosen family is your community, the people who accept you as you are. It is the people you can learn from, grow with, play with, and share life with.

– At Fall Camp, we live, work, learn and play together up to 5 days or more in a rustic woods-and-water setting. Hang out around a bonfire, enjoy a song circle, cuddle up at a snuggle party, learn skills to make your relationships richer and more satisfying, and build connections with others that last all year long!

– Fall Camp is 5 days long so that there is time for real connections to be made, and real interactions that can lead to ongoing relationships after the retreat. Of course, intimate connections sometimes have their challenges. The program offers new tools and skills training that help those connections reach their full potential, with support available from experienced team members.

Camp takes place at a private West Virginia campground with a wild, whitewater stream alongside, about 2.5 hours west of the Washington DC area and 2.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh. Campsites are included in the registration fee, and indoor accommodations are available at additional cost.