New Culture New Year Celebration
December 29, 2018- January 2, 2019

  • Imagine a community of loving people who care about each other and the Earth.
  • Discover relationships that are both heartful and free.
  • Step into your own power to build a life that works.

Join us for a New Culture New Year’s Celebration at our West Virginia retreat center! We’re holding a lightly-programmed, co-created Community Reunion, with an awesome Year’s Eve celebration, daily ZEGG Forums, a Sensual Playspace, great food, and plenty of time for connections.

Cost: $200-$400 sliding scale, includes meals and a bunk bed – extra for more luxurious accommodations – scholarship/work trade available.

This is an alcohol and drug free event – clear minds and bodies will help us connect as our true authentic selves.

Note: There will be an opportunity to review the past year and plan for the next one. If you wish to participate, please bring a device or item (i.e. Phone, tablet, journal booklet) with which you can access your calendar, Facebook, journal, or a list of key events that occurred in 2018.


* intimacy building * community building * relationship skills * playtime* cuddle piles * dance & celebration * exploring boundaries* sharing circles * connection games*
safe sex info * communication skills * hiking * great food!


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