Weekend Workshop Intensive

WHEN: March 29-31, 2019
WHERE: Abrams Creek Center
Just 2.5 hrs from D.C. and Pittsburgh

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Michael Rios is an entrepreneur and practical visionary with a creative approach to freedom and empowerment. For the past fifteen years they have been a major organizer of “New Culture” events (cfnc.us) aimed at creating a culture based on awareness, compassion, and freedom rather than on fear and judgment. In 2011, Michael became the director of Abrams Creek Center (abramscreekcenter.com), a retreat center in the mountains of West Virginia. Their current passion is creating an “intentional village” there and in the nearby town – a place where people live consciously with and near one another, building a life based on social change, personal enterprise and freedom, economic independence, and a web of personal interconnections (cfnc.us/aciv).

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Indigo Dawn (They/Them) is an impact-oriented love activist with the vision to create a sustainable society for all its stakeholders. To make this happen, they create events, workshops, and communities that change lives. As a key organizer and presenter for Center for a New Culture (cfnc.us/), Indigo teaches skills and mind-sets that support sustainable relationships and group dynamics– including self-awareness, open communication, authentic connection, and healthy boundaries. Their most recent project is co-creating intentional community at Chrysalis Community in Arlington, VA; at Allegheny Crest in Mt. Storm, WV (cfnc.us/aciv); and within the metro DC region (New Culture DC (DC/MD/VA))

Abrams Creek Campground & Retreat Center
166 Abrams Creek Dr, Elk Garden, WV

>> Can’t make it in March? Wanna stay DC local? 
Join us for the Relationships Without Drama Day-long
February 3rd, 2019 from 10:00am-5:30pm in Washington, D.C.

*Got questions? Email relationships@cfnc.us or call 703-755-0607

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