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Experience the wonder of a world of open love!
Come for the weekend, or up to four days
Just 2.5 hours west of D.C. or 2.5 hour or southeast of Pittsburgh
at a West Virginia mountain retreat center.

Come explore Winter Poly Wonderland!

Here is where you can meet other poly people at a deeper level, learn the skills needed to handle your relationships, and become a part of a supportive network of people who share your relationship values.

* intimacy building * compassionate community * relationship skills *consent culture * hugs & cuddle piles * dance & celebration * playtime * sharing circles *
* connection games * safe sex demos * gorgeous nature* great food!

Winter Poly Wonderland
isn’t quite like anything else.

Not just a party, or a conference–it is about connecting to the people who share your lifestyle and lovestyle in ways that go on long after the event is over. It can truly be life-changing!

Start building your Chosen Family!

What is chosen family?  It is your community, the people who accept you as you are. It is the people you can learn from, grow with, play with, and share life with.

At Winter Poly Wonderland, we live, work, learn and play together. Spend a weekend, or up to 4 days, in a woods-and-water setting; hang out around a bonfire, enjoy a song circle, cuddle up at a snuggle party, learn skills to make your relationships rich and satisfying, and build connections with others that last long after the event is over!

Camp takes place at a private West Virginia campground with a wild, whitewater stream alongside, about 2.5 hours west of the Washington DC area and 2.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh. Dorm-style, semi-private, and private accommodations are available.

What is Unique About Winter Poly Wonderland?


The Wisdom of the Community

We have an eclectic yet integrated approach to creating an environment that allows each person to thrive. We bring in top-notch presenters who share a wide range of tools, techniques, and insights for dealing with all aspects of relationships, sexuality, and self-integration. The result is that our participants have a huge pool of technologies and practices to draw from. Each person is fully “at choice” in any of our events, and each person is free to use the insights and practices that work best for them.bon2

There’s Time to Get to Know Each Other

Not just another superficial meet-and-greet, Winter Poly Wonderland is 4 days long so that there is time for real connections to be made, and real interactions to flow from these connections. Campers help each other to work through issues that may arise, using new tools and techniques where appropriate, with the guidance of our experienced support team.


Only One Workshop at a Time

There is none of the scattered energy that many events have. For most of camp, there is one workshop at a time, chosen for its critical value for virtually all campers, led by a nationally known facilitator. Those who choose to go to a workshop will have new skills and experiences shared with most of the other campers, building the context for ongoing relationships and adding to the common context available to all campers. Certain topics may be critical for some people, but not relevant to many others; these will also be offered one at a time, with free time and recreational and connecting activities as alternatives.


Group Practices Supporting
Transparency and Understanding

Most of these are created and facilitated by campers. We have morning whole group check-ins, afternoon community circles, and one-on-one support whenever you need it. And of course, everything is optional– you are fully “at choice” about your attendance and/or participation in any activity or workshop.

The Goals:

Making new connections. Deepening our existing relationships. Gaining relationship skills and personal empowerment techniques. Building our tribe that stays with us all year long. Many participants can expect to wind up connected with other participants on an ongoing basis, through e-lists, frequent gatherings, personal relationships, and joint projects.


The all-inclusive price covers all workshops, events, a bed in a shared room or a campsite, and ALL MEALS shown on the schedule.

Sliding scale $325 – $595

Register before January 12th and receive a $50 early bird discount!


Want to come, but on a tight budget?  We have a limited number of opportunities for work-trade.


Upgraded Indoor accommodations are available from $160 per person for up to all 3 nights.

Can’t make it this January?   We hold events all year round!
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New Culture Spring Camp — May 15-19, 2020

New Culture Summer Camp East — July 17-26, 2020

Endless Poly Summer  — August  21-26, 2020

New Culture New Years Celebration — Dec. 30-Jan. 3, 2020-21

New Culture Fall Camp — October 9-13, 2021

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